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Discover the fairy tale-themed park.

There is a golf course, musical theater, fairies, and roller coasters. The entire family may enjoy themselves at the amusement park Efteling.

Theme parks in Holland are well known for Efteling. Since 1952, it has welcomed visitors to its “World of Wonders.” The Fairytale Forest, which brought well-known fairytales and sagas to life, served as the foundation of Holland’s largest theme park. The park changed over time into a cutting-edge theme park with the newest attractions, a hotel, and a vacation park. Efteling has been open every day since 2010. Millions of tourists from Holland and around the world visit one of the best theme parks in Europe every year.

The World’s Wonders

There are four kingdoms and a core region in Efteling. The Fairy Realm is where sagas and fairy tales come to life. The Adventure Realm’s roller coasters and other attractions promise a lot of thrills and sensations. Avoid breaking a sweat while exploring the Alternative Realm’s forbidden towns and eerie castles. Use a boat, train, or another mode of transportation in the Travel Realm to traverse Holland’s premier theme park. Naturally, there are a ton of eateries in the garden where you can unwind with a drink and a snack.

Why not visit Winter Efteling, the Dutch winter wonderland open all year round?

Holland’s desert

If you see the Netherlands, you typically picture flat grasslands with livestock. The Dunes of Loon and Drunen evoke images of Africa, even though this unique nature area is located in the center of Brabant. Keep your camera ready since the shifting sands require a slight breeze to produce a breathtaking spectacle. Don’t be surprised by the summer weather, which can rise to 40 degrees Celsius during the day and then fall to about freezing at night.

You may probably guess such a unique location will have unusual flora and animals. The Dunes of Loon and Drunen have a lot of mosses and grasses in addition to sand. The area where the shifting sands gradually meld with the pine woods and heather is a fascinating sight. Numerous songbirds, raptor birds, roe deer, and even badgers live in the area.

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