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Charles R. Swindoll once said that each day of our lives, we make deposits in the memorybanks of our children. May we fill their memory banks with all the good memories that they can look back to and remind them of a happy childhood. Soon enough, they will all grow up and would seek the companyof other people more than ours. For now, their world revolves around their parents –they look up to us and want to always be close to our side. This made me realize that we should cherish these moments. We should spend as much time as possible with our children. Take a lot of photos with them. Bring them to different places. Make as many good memories as possible. It is my prayer that my kids will look back at their childhood and realize that they had a good one. Becauseall children deserve a happy childhood. They should be able to play and have fun. They should be given opportunities to explore and discover new things. Because that is how they will learn. That is how they can know more about the world around them. These are the real stuff that happiness is made of.Let us remember them little. If I can only freeze the time, I would. I would give anythingjust to be able to spend every moment with my children and our family. There is nothing I would not do to be able to give them a happy childhood. It is very important tome as a parent. I always plan play dates, vacations, excursions, and reunions with relativesso that my childrencan have a wonderful time. They always have something to look forward to.I believe it is our duty as parents to spend quality time with our children because giving them ourtime is giving them our love.

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