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Is Spinning Bad For Your Back

Is Spinning Bad For Your Back

Spinning allows you to exercise in the privacy of your own home. It is a physical exercise that lets you lose weight, tone the body muscles, and even help you keep diseases at bay.

Attending a spinning class can be fun, especially since there is that pumped up ‘party’ atmosphere. However, some risks can arise if you don’t spin right.

The bike is designed to support you by the handlebars. If you are feeling tired when spinning, you should resist slumping on the bike. Spin experts and instructors will often tell you to push your shoulders back to avoid slumping. Of course, this is a tough posture to maintain throughout your workout.


Whenever you relax your shoulders when spinning, you risk putting a lot of stress on your lower back. Get More Information from our website on how to spin right.

How to do spinning with little risk of back pain

An increasing number of physical exercises are becoming skeptical about spinning. Some claim that spinning is no good for anyone who wants to lose weight. Some argue that you may lose your hearing ability and also increase the chances of having lower back pain. Here are some of the tricks to consider to help you not experience back pain though;

1. Put the seat in the right position – Every person has their preferred and correct riding seat position. When you enter the gym, first check that the seat is in the right position. You will protect your back, knees, arms, and feet when your seat is adjusted correctly.


2. Raise the handlebars – If you are already suffering from back pain, it will do you good to raise the handlebars a bit.

3. If you are fatigued, stretch – Bend backward after doing a spin workout. It is much better to stop spinning when you’re fatigued rather than hurt your back.


As they say, everything should be done in moderation. And this applies to spin exercises too. Follow the instructions of your instructor. If you have a heart condition or haven’t been doing strenuous physical activities, it is better to consult your doctor first before hopping onto that equipment.

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