Liquid Planet Water Park


We will let you in on our secret. Tucked in the beautiful wilderness of Candia, New Hampshire is this family-owned water park that offers an exciting experience for everyone. Liquid Planet Water Park redefines water fun by giving us state of the art facilities that will truly excite and delight everyone who visits this lovely place. Set in the wilderness, Liquid Planet Water Park has worked with nature to provide our guests with a relaxing and fun experience. MAIN ATTRACTIONS Liquid Planet Water Park is everything about fun in the water. We have huge swimming pools to accommodate everyone. We want to make sure that our guests are comfortable and they do not feel that the place is overcrowded. They have ample space to swim, move around, or just lounge in our pool area. We want you tofind your comfortable place under the sun whether you are submerged in our cool and clean water or relaxing by the poolside. Our Splash Down will greet you with a bucketful of cool water upon entry to our pools. This is a water planet after all, right? Our water slides are to die for! It is like you have hiked your way to the top of Mount Washington and then plunging from the summit. We want to provide that level of thrill and excitement. You can choose from our Shooting Stars, Trevor’s Time Warp and Hailey’s Comet or better yet try all of the above for a whole lot of fun! The Shooting Stars are vertical slides that will take you to a 40-foot drop into our pool. Hailey’s Comet is a246-foot body slide with exciting twists and turns before you plunge into the cool water. And finally, Trevor’s Time Warp is a whole new level of water slide adventure with a whopping height of 272-foot and thrilling bends and curves to give you an exhilarating experience that would make you want to do it again and again. There is just no stopping the fun at Liquid Planet Water Park. Children will definitely have an awesome time playing with the water at our Fountain of Youth. It is a splash pad made even better with the presence of water toys and theme park rides. This facility allows children of all ages to enjoy our refreshing theme park rides set in the middle of the fountain area. What a way to have fun in the sun! At Liquid Planet Water Park, awesome never stops. Have fun in our Crater Lake which is a spring that was developed into an old school swimming hole. How cool is that? Amidst the state of the art facilities are Mother Nature’s own version of swimming pool. This in itself is a treasure and is definitely one of the reasons why the Liquid Planet Water Park is truly New Hampshire’s best-kept secret. From Candia, New Hampshire, we invite you to go out of your garage doors in Tampa and join us here for a different kind of water fun!



Charles R. Swindoll once said that each day of our lives, we make deposits in the memorybanks of our children. May we fill their memory banks with all the good memories that they can look back to and remind them of a happy childhood. Soon enough, they will all grow up and would seek the companyof other people more than ours. For now, their world revolves around their parents –they look up to us and want to always be close to our side. This made me realize that we should cherish these moments. We should spend as much time as possible with our children. Take a lot of photos with them. Bring them to different places. Make as many good memories as possible. It is my prayer that my kids will look back at their childhood and realize that they had a good one. Becauseall children deserve a happy childhood. They should be able to play and have fun. They should be given opportunities to explore and discover new things. Because that is how they will learn. That is how they can know more about the world around them. These are the real stuff that happiness is made of.Let us remember them little. If I can only freeze the time, I would. I would give anythingjust to be able to spend every moment with my children and our family. There is nothing I would not do to be able to give them a happy childhood. It is very important tome as a parent. I always plan play dates, vacations, excursions, and reunions with relativesso that my childrencan have a wonderful time. They always have something to look forward to.I believe it is our duty as parents to spend quality time with our children because giving them ourtime is giving them our love.



My husband had a business trip to New Hampshire and he wanted to take me and the kids with him. Of course, I took this opportunity for us to explore the place. I looked up the places we could go to so that the kids would enjoy our mini-vacation. I came across the Liquid Planet Water Park. I was amazed at the reviews about this place that was why I booked ourstay right away. I just know that my boys would have fun at their swimming pools, splash pads, water slides, and other outdoor activities. True enough,my boys could not contain their excitement when we got to the water park. There were different kinds of slides –Haley’s Comet, Trevor’s Time Warp, and The Shooting Star. They also enjoy swimming at the pool and trying out water activities at the lake. I did not have to worry about them getting hungry because food and refreshment were available within the premises. This made it very convenient for me as I did not have to prepare a lot of food. Knowing my boys, they get hungry easily especially when we are out. The Liquid Planet Water Park was everything we expected. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. The facilities weresuperb. There were lifeguards in every station. I would really recommend this place to all my friends who are traveling to NewHampshire especially those with kids in tow. They have all the facilities and activities to keep you cool and refreshed on a hot summer day. I said to my husband that the next time that he would have another business trip to NewHampshire, we would gladlygo with him again. The kids are also excited to go back to this water park. They cannot stop raving about their experience.



New Hampshire, also known as The Granite State and The White Mountain State, is blessed with a wide expanse of nature and wilderness. The state’s motto is Live Free or Die and this is so applicable in their surroundings. At New Hampshire, you can be free to explore and bask in the beauty of nature. The great outdoors iscalling you to go on an adventure.There are so many things to do and places to visit. Here are three of the things that you should not miss when you are in New Hampshire.First on the list is going to Mount Washington. This majestic peak is an iconic New Hampshirebackground. Thismountainhas an elevation of more than 6,000 feet. This is a favorite camping and hiking spot. However, the weather in this mountainous area is erratic with a very high level of precipitation. So for those planning their visit, check the weather update for your safety. If you are not up for this kind of adventure, Mount Washington offers a scenic view for those who want to drive around the area. The view is enough to take your breath away. Some say that it is best to go here duringfall season but truth be told, Mount Washington offers a fantastic view and experience any season of the year.Second on our list is the Santa’s Village. Experience the magic of Christmas in this awesome theme park even if it is not yet December. Play with the elves and meet the man in red. Enjoy the different rides, shows, and attractions that will surely capture the hearts of children of all ages. Last but definitely not the least, you should not miss the Liquid Planet Water Park. It is a different level of fun in the water which is perfect for all occasions especially in cooling down after a hot summer day. Have fun in New Hampshire!

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